Damon Clear Braces

What you need to know about

Damon Braces System

The desire to enhance one’s smile is common, but the thought of having metal braces for an extended period can be daunting for many. This concern has boosted the popularity of clear braces as a choice in orthodontic treatments, leading to significant advancements in the field, as seen with Damon Clear braces.


Clear alternative to aligners

Damon Clear braces are an increasingly popular option for those seeking the benefits of traditional metal braces but prefer a less visible alternative. Unlike clear aligners like Invisalign, Damon Clear braces are suitable for a wide range of orthodontic issues, making them accessible to a broader spectrum of patients.
The self-ligating system of Damon Clear braces adds to their appeal, offering shorter treatment times and enhanced comfort. If you’re considering Damon Clear braces for your orthodontic needs, Dr. Okamoto is one of the best orthodontists in Costa Mesa to give you the smile you desire.


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